The Five Senses in Real Estate

Humans have relied on their five senses for centuries to observe the world around them. While the senses allow us to identify items and objects, they can also influence our emotions, learning patterns and even how we shop. It's a phenomenon that occurs without people even being aware; when making large purchases in particular, emotions are usually at the center of decisions and rational thought is used as a justification.

Because our emotions are so tightly intertwined with our senses, creating a pleasant multi-sensory experience for potential buyers will be the biggest influence on their purchasing decision.


We know it’s not for everyone but, if you can do it, DO it! A professional knows exactly how to appeal to every sense, but particularly sight. The psychology behind color choices, creating the buyers’ desired lifestyle and ensuring the lighting is adequate – an experienced home stager can do it all, plus they know exactly how to showcase the maximum potential of your property to drive a result. It’s a win-win!


There is no doubt that music has a massive impact on our mood. Playing something relaxing and welcoming may help the buyers feel at home. If you’re stuck on what music to play, there are numerous playlists available online across most streaming platforms. Just search for “open house playlist” or follow Perth Style Company on Spotify.


Keep it tasteful. Yes, believe it or not, design taste is another type of taste. Remember to remove any decorations that could be perceived as too personal, controversial or disrespectful to prospective buyers like personal photos, or political or religious pieces.


You should know by now that we are huge fans of creating layers in our styling concepts. Layers help to create visual interest and make the space appear more plush and luxurious. Of course, a different approach can be taken to each room, but you can start with this simple formula for your main living space; rug, coffee table, decorative accessories, sofa, cushions and artwork.

At Maki Real Estate, we truly believe that building an emotional connection between properties and prospective buyers is the most important step in selling real estate. Wanna know more about how you can use the five senses in selling? DM us to know more. 


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